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How to use schoolreturn.ie

The online reporting system www.schoolreturn.ie has been designed to ensure reporting on absenteeism is a simple procedure for schools. The website has been developed in consultation with school managers, principals, teachers and parents.


Guide for submitting a Student Absence Report online

Reporting Online Quick Guide (PDF Format)


Reporting On-Line is by far the most efficient means of reporting students with attendance difficulties for follow up action.

We are concerned to ensure that schoolreturn.ie is as user–friendly as possible. The website is supported by a dedicated lo-call helpline* on 1890 36 36 66, and we have worked hard to iron out initial problems experienced by users. The reporting process should now be completely straightforward. Nonetheless, if you encounter any difficulties, call the helpline and we will guide you through submitting your return. The operation of the website is being kept under review.


Make a Return on line

To make a return on-line go onto www.schoolreturn.ie, and enter your username. You will then be invited to login to the system using your PIN and Password. These security details have been sent to you by the NEWB. Remember schoolreturn.ie contains confidential information so keep your PIN and Password safe  - do not stick them on a wall above your computer. Call the helpline if you need to have these reissued.

Your approach to the return will be decided by whether or not you have students to report.


No Students to Report

It is likely that you will often have no students to report. If this is the case, simply go to ‘Create a new return’, click ‘Finished’, and then ‘Submit to NEWB’.


Reports on Previously Reported Students

If you need to submit a report on a student who has been previously reported, their personal details are already in the system and do not need to be re-entered. Simply click on ‘Create a new return’. 

The names of the students who have been reported in the current academic year will automatically appear in the return. Otherwise, they will have to be added. To do this, click on ‘Add more students’, then select the students to be returned by ticking the boxes alongside their names.

If there are students to report who have not been reported at any time previously, you will need to enter the details of these students. To do this, go to ‘Add a student’ and enter their details.  You are now ready to create your return.  This is done by clicking on ‘Create a new return’, followed by clicking on ‘Add more students’. Then tick the boxes alongside the students’ names.  Now click on ‘Add selected to return’.  You are now ready to complete the return.


Completing the Return

When completing the return enter the number of days absent in each category  (A through to G) and insert any relevant comments. This information allows Educational Welfare Officers to decide - in consultation with the school - on what level of intervention is required. The system automatically calculates the total of absences for each student and these can viewed when the report is finished.


Submitting the Return

When data has been entered on each student the return may be submitted to the NEWB by clicking on the ‘Finished’ button. The next screen invites you to ‘Submit to NEWB’. The website will acknowledge that your return has been submitted. The information in the return is immediately available to our Educational Welfare Officers.

If you have any queries about the return at any point call the helpline* on 1890 36 36 66.

* Note that the rates charged for the use of 1890 (LoCall) numbers may vary among different service providers


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One Child, One Team, One Plan - Pilot

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